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Irish Social Policy

Irish Social Policy

This new book offers undergraduate students a core text for the study of Irish social policy, combining an introduction to the discipline with analysis directly based on the Irish context.
Explains key theoretical and conceptual underpinnings including welfare ideologies and globalisation.
Looks at the key social services in the Irish context and analyses them within the broader disciplinary framework.
Examines how Irish social policy and social services affect different social groups, including carers and minority ethnic groups.
Discusses new areas within the discipline including sustainability and quality of life
Each chapter includes text boxes highlighting key concepts, definitions and developments as well as guides for further reading and discussion. Suitable for students taking social science, social work and social care degrees at universities and institutes of technology, in which social policy is a key discipline.
Also suitable for students taking courses with a social policy component, including: government and public policy; nursing; public health; and early childhood studies.

M. Considine & F. Dukelow

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