Alles Klar Pack

Alles Klar Pack


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Alles Klar - Junior Cycle German + Portfolio
Alles Klar is The ONLY three-year book for Junior Cycle German - includes Textbbook, Workbook, 4 x CDs AND a free Ebook version of the textbook.
Clear and easy to follow, in line with the common-level course.
Makes revisiting First Year topics quick and convenient.
Deals comprehensively with the cultural aspect of language learning and opens up the German-speaking world beyond Europe, to include areas of South America and Africa.
Learning intentions outline the topics, grammar and culture in each chapter. Lerntipp! feature provides important information and helpful tips to foster language awareness.
Stadtbild at the end of each chapter details the landmarks, food, famous people and interesting facts about German-speaking cities to build intercultural awareness.
Self-assessment checkpoints help students monitor their progress.
Roleplays prepare students for Classroom-Based Assessments and real-world scenarios.
Wortschatz highlights words and phrases to improve comprehension of new topics.
Deutch Direkt feature gives real-world context to vocabulary, including articles, posters and infographics.
Wiederholung revises the vocabulary and grammar in each chapter.

Declan Webb

Junior Cert