Ohrwurm - Aural German

Ohrwurm - Aural German


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Working with Ohrwurm will improve students’ confidence and ability in the use of the German language. This book is an invaluable teaching aid in consolidating German listening comprehension skills.

Includes 18 listening comprehension tests covering all aspects of the curriculum.
Also provides Junior Cycle key vocabulary and language learning tips.
Written in the format of the NEW Junior Cycle common level exam.
Offers built-in revision opportunities.
New words and useful phrases are covered in the vocabulary section at the end of each unit.
Tests refer to a wide range of topics.
Frequent testing of numbers, e.g., dates, phone numbers and prices.
Prepares students for the progression to Leaving Certificate Aural.

James Hayes Dagmar Hayes

Leaving Cert

C.J Fallons