Welcome to Wellbeing Book B

Welcome to Wellbeing Book B


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Welcome to Well-Being - Book B - Senior Infants - Good to Be Me with Mo & Ko - Pupil Book

The Welcome to Well-Being programme is a multi-year programme for children from Junior Infants to First Class. It is designed to enhance children’s well-being across all dimensions – social, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. Enhancing children’s well-being can lead to a wide variety of other successful outcomes including increased academic performance, better relationships and increased resilience – (Waters, 2011; Park & Peterson, 2008 )

The programme is based on Positive Psychology, which is the science of well-being. It is designed to be implemented as part of the SPHE curriculum.

Specific aims of Welcome to Well-Being: Meet Mo & Ko (Junior Infants)

To increase children’s understanding of specific emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, pride and bravery
To encourage children to accept and express all of their emotions in a positive way
To provide children with the opportunity to upregulate the following positive emotions – joy, happiness, gratitude, serenity (calm), pride and humour
To provide students with the opportunity to regulate and express their feelings of sadness and anger
To promote feeling of self-confidence and self-worth
To promote self-efficacy through giving children strategies to deal with their strong emotions
To develop pro-social relationships through encouraging acts of kindness and appropriate expression of emotions

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