Léigh sa Bhaile Leabhar B

Léigh sa Bhaile Leabhar B


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Léigh sa Bhaile Leabhar B.
The Léigh sa Bhaile series encourages daily reading practice, which is a key element in promoting literacy. The series aims to develop not only the children’s reading and comprehension skills, but their oral language skills also.
They aim to develop reading fluency, comprehension skills and vocabulary development by encouraging daily and independent reading at home. Each book consists of 120 single-page units, with a variety of styles and genres. Each of the ten themes of the curriculum is covered regularly to ensure development of the theme throughout the school year. These vibrant and modern books are designed to be easily used by teachers, parents and children at each level.

Joanne Kett & Ellie Ní Mhurchú

Second Class

C J Fallon